Animal Gong Puzzle Solutions Guide | Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4)

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, players have to solve three gong puzzles to advance through the game. The initial two Animal Gong Puzzles can be found in Chapter 7, while another gong puzzle is present in Chapter 9. To solve the Animal Gong Puzzle players must shoot the gongs that feature the appropriate animal emblem.

1) First Gong Puzzle

To open the gate in Chapter 7 at the Treasury, you must hit three Animal Gongs. You can look at the engravings of the Animal Symbols on the gate. You can shoot in any order.

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To begin solving this puzzle, pull the Gong’s string placed outside the gate or just shoot it. Shoot the Gong with the Bird Symbol on the right, then the one with the Snake Symbol on the right. Both of these gongs are located behind the gate. The Gong on the left behind the gate is just a dummy and is of no use.

Doing this correctly will make the gate to open, and you can get the bloodied sword.

2) Second Gong Puzzle

Another Animal Gong Puzzle awaits you in Chapter 7 inside Audience Chamber. In a manner similar to the first Gong Puzzle, you must shoot the animal gongs in accordance with the animals depicted on the gate.

The first gong is of dragon and is just hanging above the door.

The 2nd Gong is of snake. You can use the chandelier to jump across to the opposite side and turn left. From here, you will be able to see the Snake Gong behind the iron gate.

3) Third Gong Puzzle

The third Animal Gong Puzzle may be found in the Mausoleum while playing Ashley in Chapter 9. There are four gongs available in the area. Two gongs are on the left wall and two are on the right wall.

Flash the lamp that you got from the Library to the Armaduras to stop them from moving for a short period.

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