Resident Evil 4 Remake – Four Swords Puzzle Solution Guide

This page will walk you through the Swords Puzzle and show you where to put the Iron Sword, Golden Sword, Bloodied Sword, and Rusted Sword in Chapter 7, as well as their precise position inside the Castle. In order to solve the sword puzzle in Resident Evil 4, player need to retrieve the fourth missing sword by unlock the gate featuring three animal symbols.

Where to Find the Bloodied Sword

As you progress to Chapter 7 of RE4, you will arrive at the Treasury section where you need to correctly place four swords to advance in the game. Upon entering the Treasury, you will notice that the first three swords (Golden, Iron, and Rusted Swords) are already mounted on the wall, but they are not in the correct order, and the fourth sword is missing.

The fourth sword (Bloodied Sword) is on the statue behind the gate in the same chamber. You can look at the engravings of the Animal Symbols on the gate. You can shoot in any order.

To begin solving this puzzle, pull the Gong’s string placed outside the gate or just shoot it. Shoot the Gong with the Bird Symbol on the right, then the one with the Snake Symbol on the right. Both of these gongs are located behind the gate. The Gong on the left behind the gate is just a dummy and is of no use.

Doing this correctly will make the gate to open, and you can get the bloodied sword.

Four Swords Puzzle Solution

After retrieving the 4th sword you need to unlock a locked door in Chapter 7 by arranging four different swords. To complete this puzzle, be sure to pick all the swords and arrange them properly. Correct Order from left to write is Iron Sword, Golden Sword, Bloodied Sword, and Rusted Sword. Solving this puzzle unlocks the gate to progress further in Chapter 7.

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