How to Unlock the Door with Round Slot in Village Chief’s Manor | Resident Evil 4 Remake

In this article, we will guide you on solving the door with a round slot in Village Chief’s Manor. To unlock the door in the Village Chief’s Manor in Resident Evil 4 remake, you need to find the Crystal Ball which is inside a padlocked  wardrobe on the first floor of Village Chief’s Manor. Head over to this place as marked on the map then walk towards the wardrobe in the manor.

The Village Chief’s Manor code for padlocked of wardrobe in Resident Evil 4 remake is. You’ll find the hint in a file located on a table upstairs.

This file reads:

In the great veneration of their master, the people offered up their most prized possessions.
The old farmer, his finest crop.
The slight swineherd, his southwest pig.
The beggarly grandam, her own beloved babe.
The master saw these gifts and was pleased.

  • Crops (Plants)
  • Pig
  • Baby

Once you enter the code, you can open and grab the Crystal Ball from the wardrobe. Return upstairs and insert the Crystal Ball into the round slot on the door and rotate the ball until it matches the image in the background, which is the symbol of the Los Iluminados cult.

Once you do this correctly, the door will unlock, and you can enter the room and grab the Insignia Key from the desk drawer.

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