Choo Choo Charles: Journal Return Side Mission | Find Santiago’s Journal

This article will guide you on completing the side mission “Journal Return” in the game of Choo Choo Charles. This is a side mission. It’s optional and will reward you with a large helping of scrap you can use to upgrade your train.

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Where to find Santiago’s Journal

To initiate the side quest,  go to the east side of the island. The map location is marked by the in the picture below. When you arrive at the location, talk to the man with a suitcase on the dock. He’ll tell you that he’s leaving the island for good, but first, he needs to get his journal. He’ll ask whether you can help him in getting the book.

The journal’s location is on the northwest part of the map and is marked on the map. Head to the location and then enter the cabin. Go into the bedroom at the rear of the cabin. You’ll find the journal on the table.

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