Choo-Choo Charles: The Pickles Mission

This walkthrough will help you how to complete the side mission ” The Pickles Mission” in Choo Choo Charles.

The Pickles Mission

To initiate the side quest head to the southeast section of the island. The location is marked on the map pictured below. When you arrive at the location on the map, speak to the woman standing on the porch of the nearby house. This woman really likes Pickles… like… REALLY likes them. Her name is literally Pickles, she leaves tons of notes around about how much she digs pickles and, well, no awards for guessing what she’s going to send you to find for her.

Pickles will reveal that she left a jar of pickles in a locked chest in her own “Pickle Cave”. We need to go get it. Once the conversation is over, open your map and add a waypoint to the newly added map. It’s just southwest of Pickles’ house.

Leave the house and head towards the waypoint. You’ll eventually find the cave next to a small camp filled with scrap. Enter the cave to find a chest with Pickle Jar.

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