Swamp Swimmer in Choo-Choo Charles | Gather Meat from the Center of the Swamp

In this guide, you will get to see how to complete the side mission “Swamp Swimmer” in the Choo Choo Choo.

How to complete Swamp Swimmer

This side quest can be found in the southeast corner of the given map. It will be marked by the symbol on the map, which is given below.

Once you have arrived at the given location, speak to the old woman in the witch’s hat next to the fire to begin your mission. She’ll ask you to find her some meat to complete her witch’s brew. The only problem is it’s on the island north of her, which is guarded by a mysterious monster lurking beneath the lake.

The old woman will tell that you can see the monster by the splashes it creates in the water. If it gets too close, it’ll attack, although she lets us know that it will leave us alone if we stand still. When ready to face the monster, head up to the dock north of the old woman’s cauldron. Before you jump in, take note of where the island is. It’s directly north of the dock.

As soon as you enter, you have to stand still and look for the monster. You can spot it as it leaves large ripples on the water’s surface. Wait for it to move away from you and then begin to walk towards the island. As soon as you move, the monster will begin to move toward you. Edge towards the island and stop as the monster’s about to reach you.

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Keep moving slowly until you reach the island. After you hit the shore, look for a fish in the center of the island. Pick up the fish and return to the witch’s cauldron, using the same tactic to evade the beast and cross the water. Return the fish to the old woman to complete the quest.

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