Hello Neighbor 2: Refrigerator Puzzle Solution

This guide will give you a solution to the refrigerator puzzle in the Hello Neighbor 2 game; for the same, you have to find an alphabet such as C, F, B, and R to open the refrigerator and get one of the pieces for the map.

Where to find Alphabet C

To find Alphabet C, you have to go to the rooftop, and at the top of it, after searching you will see an Alphabet C lying over the Paintbox.

Where to find Alphabet B

To find Alphabet B, you have to go inside a room, where you will find wooden planks to climb and stuffed animals on the wall. Climb the wooden planks to get the Alphabet B held over the wall.

Where to find Alphabet F

Go to the washroom, inside the toilet seat you will see Alphabet F.

After getting all alphabet, go towards the kitchen where there will be the alphabet R already attached to the refrigerator. Attach all the other alphabets to open the door.

Pick up the horn from the refrigerator and go to the map room.

Put the horn on the stuffed animal to unlock a drawer where you will find a piece of the map.

Hello Neighbor 2

Place this missing map piece on the map.

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