Dead Island 2: Beacon Of Hope Mission Walkthrough

While Legendary weapons are extremely strong in the game, they are also quite tough to get. You must complete the Beacon of Hope side quest to obtain the powerful The One sword, which causes explosions upon decapitation. The side quest can be obtained by talking with Sebastian at the Re-aging Clinic on Hollywood Boulevard.

Where to Pick Up Side Quest for Beacon of Hope

You can visit the back room of the Lotusville “re-ageing clinic” on Hollywood Boulevard after finishing the last Story Quest, Hollywood Ending. Sebastian, your friend from Monarch Studios, and a new trader are also inside.

He and Sarah Sheppard came out this way, but Sebastian is concerned because Sarah has been gone for some time. Visit the Chinese Dynasty Theatre to look for her.

Rendezvous with Sarah

Rendezvous with Sarah The courtyard is full of zombies, including a Crusher variation, as you get closer to the Chinese Dynasty Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Before speaking with Sarah, who is perched on a window ledge above, clear the area.

You’ll hear from Sarah about why she came to the theatre—some marketing materials that Monarch Studios handed over. It never made it all the way, so it’s still in the Metro somewhere. In order to draw in other survivors, Sarah plans to place this logo filter on a spotlight on Hollywood Boulevard.

Search the Metro station ticket office for the Space Fox spotlight filter

You can enter the Metro station on the other side of the helicopter landing field by travelling south on Hollywood Boulevard. Be cautious as you enter the Metro station because there will be many zombies there, including a Vicious Butcher.

The Metro station ticket office has the illumination Sarah needs, but the door is locked with a Maglock. And not one, not two, but three Maglocks. This door cannot be opened without destroying the Maglock boxes to which the locks are attached. It’s now a “follow-the-wires” game.

You can find the Green Maglock box up by the ceiling in a corner to the left of the turnstiles leading down towards the train platform.

The Yellow Maglock box is located on the wall to the right of the ATMs and Metro Rail map, just right of the Metro ticket office.

The Blue Maglock box is also located inside the Metro Ticket office. You will need to locate the ideal position to shoot at the Blue Maglock Box from outside the ticket office because the window is only slightly open at the bottom.

The ticket office door slides open with the three Maglock boxes destroyed. The spotlight filter was lying on the floor after you kicked the flimsy wooden crates, which broke.

Beam back up to Sarah with the Space Fox spotlight filter

Take down any zombies who stand in your way as you return up Hollywood Boulevard in the same direction you came from. Be cautious since a Mutator zombie dressed as a Walker will be waiting for you close to the exit.

Returning to Sarah at the Chinese Dynasty Theatre, you see that fireworks are being let off, attracting any zombies nearby. While Sarah looks for a means to stop the fireworks, fend them off. The theatre plaza will be surrounded by waves of zombies, including two Inferno Crusher zombies.

Fix the spotlight with the Space Fox filter in place.

The zombies have been removed and the pyrotechnics have finally come to an end. Run over to Sebastian at the re-ageing clinic, install the filter on the spotlight for Sarah, and tell him everything is OK! Sebastian thanks you for your invaluable assistance by giving you a new Legendary weapon.

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