Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Forgotten Relics Quest Guide

This article will guide you solve the puzzle of The Forgotten Relics quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The quest will begin after you’ve completed the main quest. Talk to Merlin, who will tell you about the rips in the sky caused by Dark Magic seeping into Mickey’s House. He will then task you with investigating this matter further.

All Forgotten Relics locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

He will also mention the existence of four relics that need to be located. While Merlin will aid you in obtaining the first relic, the responsibility of finding the remaining three relics falls upon you.


Follow Merlin to Mickey’s House and enter inside to obtain the book. You’ll find this relic sitting on Mickey’s coffee table. Pick this book and speak to Merlin again. Afterward, you will be prompted with a secondary objective, which involves simply speaking with Mickey.


Proceed to the cavern located against the cliffside in Frosted Heights, the very place where you initially encountered Olaf. As you enter, direct your attention toward the right side of the cavern floor to discover the Blanket. Picking up the Blanket will initiate a secondary questline known as “The Forgotten Relics: The Blanket.” In this questline, your objective will be to converse with Olaf first, followed by a discussion with Elsa.

Beach Toys

Head over to Dazzle Beach and go to the cave where you first met Ursula. Once in there, you should see a small bucket and spade lying on the floor. Grab this then talk to Ursula and then Moana.


The Drawing is located in Scar’s house in Sunlit Plateau. This relic is directly ahead of you on the ground, and picking it up will prompt a final secondary questline called “The Forgotten Relics: The Drawing.” To complete this quest, speak with Scar.

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