Dead Island 2 Missing: Nadia Lost and Found Guide

Missing: Nadia is a Lost & Found Quest that becomes available after completing the main story of the game Dead Island 2. Unexpectedly, Nadia has reported herself missing, claiming to be trapped in the Metro due to a bite and seeking assistance. This article will guide you to locating Nadia in the Dead Island 2 Lost & Found quest.

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Missing: Nadia Journal

Return to the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue to pick up the Missing Persons Report from the board.

Fast Travel to the Utiity Room in the Metro then proceed to the northern section and locate the locked door with a keypad and Nadia’s Note.

Track Down the four digits of the code to Nadia’s Door

The door will be secured by a code-protected keypad. You must read the note next to the keypad to learn how to open the door from the inside. Nadia’s has drawn a map indicating the approximate locations of each fourth digit for the code throughout the Metro. This sounds like a simple challenge because this map will almost exactly match your metro map.

First Number – 0

These numbers are painted so you could choose to pick them up in any order. Turn around and go back; this initial code number turns out to be a 0, and it’s just at the other end of the corridor from where you obtained the map.

Second Number – 8

The second location exactly corresponds to the middle of the railroad yard. It can be found inside the middle train cart in the main area of the metro. This is the number 8 that Nadia painted on the train’s ceiling.

Third Number – 2

On the Metro map’s bottom left corner, Nadia painted the number 2 in the alleyway just next to some graffiti.

Fourth Number – 6

From the last code, turn left from previous location and continue to follow the corridor until you reach this sizable room in the Metro map’s lower left corner. Be careful as you navigate this room because it is filled with zombies. There are a few walls around, but the one you want to find is a sizable one in middle of the room.

You now have the complete code: 0268, but keep in mind that your character needs to locate these, so you can’t just enter it in.

Fighting Nadia

Return quickly to the locked door and open it. Nadia will instead break through the door and start the fight. She is a clone of Screamer. Screamers are harmful, but what makes them the most terrifying is that their screams may draw nearby zombies to them.

Search Nadia’s Final Resting Place for any last words

When you kill Nadia, the standard Screamer treasure, including a weapon of Superior rating, will be dropped. The room she was hiding out in also contains two journal, the first journal – Hearing The Call on the shelves.

The second journal entry, titled ‘Thank You’, can be found in a room corner, nearby a locked box. The emotional note expresses gratitude for ending her suffering and reveals a door code that also unlocks the box. Open the box to complete the quest and claim your reward.

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