Dead Island 2: Boz Makes a Bang Mission Walkthrough

This article will guide you on the sidequest “Boz Makes a Bang” in the game Dead Island 2. Dead Island 2’s Boz Makes a Bang quest requires players to first travel to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue, the game’s safe house with a tonne of hidden items. It should be noted that in order to access this assignment, you must finish the Blood Drive Tale quest. When you’re finished, use the radio in the Serling Hotel to begin the quest.

Finishing The Mission

Start by quickly travelling to Monarch Studios in search of Boz after speaking with Hana on the radio. Go right to Stage 5 once you’re inside the studio. Finding the location shouldn’t be too difficult if you are following the quest because the marker should direct you there. You will come across several zombies on your journey and once you reach Stage 5, so make sure you are ready for the onslaught before entering Monarch Studios.

Once all of the zombies have been eliminated, chat with Boz, who will give you a mission to test his mortar arrangement. To reach the top and use the mortar, follow the marker. Take out the swarms of zombies by using the three mortars. It should be remembered that you cannot spam the mortars because you must wait a certain amount of time after each use. The good thing is that Boz will be helping you along the way, so finishing this shouldn’t take too long.

The quest will be over once you’ve finished the mortar testing portion and spoken to Boz once more. Players who successfully complete the mission will receive 3,000 XP and a Military Grenade as prizes. Even though the weapon may not be the best, the substantial XP gain makes it a task that is worthwhile to do.

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