Dead Island 2: Dez and the Mother of Satan Walkthrough

In this article we will explore the sidequest “Dez and the Mother of Satan” in the game of Dead Island 2. This is not a required side mission to finish, like all other side tasks in the game. On the other hand, if you choose to take on the task, you will be rewarded with a fantastic weapon mod. Completing this task can be very difficult if you’re not familiar with the game’s surroundings. Therefore, if you need assistance completing this quest, this guide can help. It has detailed directions and instructive pictures to lead you through each step of the journey.

Picking Up The Quest

You must first finish the side mission, Boz Makes a Bang, in order to start the side quest. Later, Hana will get in touch with you over a nearby radio and let you know that she has been worried about Dez because he hasn’t been in touch in a while. You will discover more about Dez, including the fact that she is conducting some volatile chemical experiments in a CDC camp close to The Pier. The Dez and the Mother of Satan side quest will begin after the conversation with Hana.

Finding Dez

Finding the CDC camp at The Pier should be your first goal. You’ll hear an explosion go off as you get close to this location, and you’ll need to trace the sound to its source. Be ready to defend yourself from an attack by 8–10 zombies. You can run past them to either defeat them or avoid them. Find and open the gate to get to Dez, who will be on a metal scaffolding close to one of the domes, after getting rid of any leftover zombies in the area. Dez will be there.

Before chatting with Dez once you’ve reached the camp, get rid of any zombies that are there. You’ll learn from Dez that she’s been tinkering with a grenade launcher and needs your help herding a few zombies into the camp so she can test them out in the field. You’ll have to cope with any approaching zombies because you’re on the ground while Dez attacks them with her grenade launcher from the protection of the scaffolding.

Use any explosives you have on hand to diffuse the conflict. Talk to Dez once the area has been cleared of zombies to learn what your next task is. She will ask you to get her some triacetone triperoxide, famously known as the Mother of Satan, and some zombie goop.

Finding Mother of Satan

You must go to the quartermaster dome at the camp to find the Mother of Satan. Follow the passageway until you get to a little machine with a valuable record. The area around the machine is electrified, and you must jump over it to get to the record. After finding TATP by locating the record, you must proceed to the main dome to inform Dez of your discovery.

You must move through another dome in order to get to the main dome. Watch out for any zombies that might leap on you from around corners and be cautious around the dome’s electrified areas of the floor. When you get to the main dome, Dez will be standing on the balcony looking down at her test subjects. Dez needs your assistance with her experiment, and you’ll also need to clear the dome of any zombie activity.

You must use extra caution when battling the zombies in the main dome, notably Subject: Juliet, a screamer. If you’re in the area of this screamer’s yelling, you can get shocked. Electrified walkers should also be avoided because they can hit you and cause further harm. The advice in this situation is to keep as much space as you can from the zombies and kill them with explosives. Even a shotgun would accomplish wonders in dispatching them in a flash. To win Dez’s well-deserved praise, eliminate every zombie.

Reward For Completion

The last thing you need to do is talk to Hana and let her know that Dez is okay. Hana will provide the details for a lock box in the Lotusville Mall as thanks for your efforts. You will also receive 4,500 XP, a better melee Electrocutor mod, and the Go, Bobcats! trophy for finishing the Dez and the Mother of Satan mission.

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