The Hero’s Journey: Side Quest Walkthrough | DEAD ISLAND 2

In this article we will explore the sidequest “The Hero’s Journey” in the game of Dead Island 2. The lifeguard Burt has not left us yet. You will find several other survivors on the boardwalk after surviving the atrocities of the Santa Monica Pier to provide Dr Rueben Reed with a blood sample at the Serling Hotel. All of them, even Burt, the cowardly lifeguard you had instructed to hide out at the Blue Crab near Venice Beach.

Where to Pick Up The Hero’s Journey Side Quest

Requirements: Completed the Santa Monica Coast Guardian Side Quest and the Santa Monica Blood Drive Story Quest.

Burt will be waiting for you when you wake up on the beach after finishing the Blood Drive Story Quest, provided that you have already encountered him in his lifeguard hut on Venice Beach during the Coast Guardian Side Quest. Get rid of the Zombies, then climb the military crates to the platform to speak with Burt.

Chat with Burt

Burt doesn’t seem too promising. Even though he claims he hasn’t been bitten, he has lost a lot of blood. He will require your assistance to transport Rita, another survivor, to the lifeguard station on the beach.

Burt will not accompany you until he locates his fortunate “torpedo floatie.” He is aware that it is in the CDC headquarters, behind the public restrooms. If he promises to accompany Rita to the lifeguard headquarters, you consent to return his lucky totem.

Make a way out for Rita and Burt

A second wave of zombies comes as you jump off the platform and return to the beach beneath the Pier. Before moving on, eliminate every zombie in this region.

Burt’s lucky torp must be rescued from behind the public restrooms.

The public restrooms Burt indicated are located inside the CDC office complex, which is situated on the east side of the beach. Navigate to the northwest door. As you enter, the port-a-potties will be to your left. Before moving on, eliminate all of the zombies in this region, including a Slobber Apex Variant.

Burt’s Lucky Torp Location

The public restrooms are behind Burt’s fortunate torpedo floaties, however, there is a chainlink fence in the way. To get to the other side, disassemble the flimsy wooden boxes in the narrow alleyway between the restrooms. Just watch out for the Burster that is waiting inside the alley! Burt’s Lucky Torp may be found in the middle of all the port-a-potties, next to a zombie corpse.

Bring Burt’s fortunate torp to the lifeguard headquarters.

A new swarm of zombies is approaching before you can take the floaties back to lifeguard headquarters. The worst part is that unless you can battle your way out, you are practically cornered now that you are behind the public restrooms.

Kill every zombie in the area of the public restrooms, including the Crusher Apex Variant that stands in your way, to get away.

The lifeguard headquarters facility is located northwest of the CDC domes. Within, yet another gang of zombies is waiting. Climb up the yellow truck and clear them out so you can get to the stairs to the lifeguard tower.

Hurry to save Burt! Again!

Rita conveys the awful news once she is inside the lifeguard headquarters. Burt was unsuccessful. He fled to lure Rita’s zombie horde away, and he hasn’t returned.

Return outside and proceed south to the Santa Monica beach lifeguard station. Numerous zombies, including two Butcher Apex Variants, swarm the shack. Defeat all the enemies.

Burt can be found inside the lifeguard hut, but it’s a little too late. He is relieved to learn that Rita arrived at lifeguard headquarters safely and is hoping that by helping at least one other person, he may have atoned for his actions. Burt, however, regrettably passes away after that. Peace be with you, pal.

A journal from the “The Truth” series may be found on the table to the right of Burt’s body.

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