Dead Island 2: The Art of War Side Quest Walkthrough

This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Art of War side quest in Dead Island 2. After the events in Dead Island 2, the Serling Hotel survivors appreciate your help. Rosa, one of the survivors, knows the location of hidden military-grade weaponry and is willing to share it. Are you ready to uncover the cache in the Metro?

Locations – The Art of War

Talk to Rosa, who is peering out the large windows in the sky lounge area in the third floor of Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue. Rosa believes you would be interested in certain military-grade weapons that are hidden in the Metro and she has a lead on them.

Descend into the Metro to look for the military stash

To get to the Metro area quickly, use the fast travel map at the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue.

The gang has a laptop? Check it out

Inside the metro use the left path and move forward until you see a door with a green light, turn right in front of the door. Interact with the laptop.

Plenty of zombies come out of hiding. Kill every zombie wave, including an Apex Crusher and Butcher version, while the laptop is loaded.

So what loaded on the laptop?

Once you killed the horde of zombies, interact with the laptop again.

Head through the tunnel to ransack the gang’s supplies in the train cars

Explore each of the four abandoned train cars as you go west down the tunnel in pursuit of the secret cache. A Superior Shotgun and another Journal may be found next to the body of one of the gang members at the end of the southwest rail car.

Still no stash!  Head into the tunnels and find the DBD crew rebels

There doesn’t seem to be any hidden stash of supplies in these train cars. It’s possible that the DBD team didn’t actually abandon the goods as believed. To find the crew, exit through the west maintenance area.

Defeat the Darkest Before Dawn crew!

The crew have all transformed into Ignited variant zombies, including Firestorm Slobbers, Inferno Crushers, Burning Walkers, and Burning Runners. In order to acquire the DBD Chest Key, you must eliminate each and every zombie belonging to the Darkest Before Dawn crew.

After killing the DBD crew pick up the key and the phone and another journal titled “Javier is Disappointed” will also be drop behind by the DBD crew’s corpses.

Finally! Claim the military stash

Once you have successfully eliminated the entire undead DBD crew and acquired the DBD Chest Key from their remains, head to the Safe Room located near the west entrance of the Metro. There, next to the Workbench, you will discover the DBD Chest. Open it to uncover the Wildstyle Military Axe.

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