Goat Simulator 3: The Lost Tapes Quest Guide

The Lost Tapes is a quest available in the Goatenburg area of the game Goat Simulator 3. In this quest, your objective is to find a tape missing from the cinema showing. There are 6 tapes available in the game but to solve this puzzle you just need to find one of them. Here’s a guide on The Lost Tapes and the location in Goat Simulator 3. The event location is already marked on the map given below.

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How to Recover the relics

When you reach the cinema, you’ll see that the tape is missing.

Now, head out of the cinema and make your way to the rooftop. There’s a horror tape at the top. Lick and drag it all the way back.

Place it inside the tape device and the quest ends here. You can watch the movie that is playing on the big screen.

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