Dead Island 2: The Clean and the Snatch Walkthrough

The Clean and the Snatch is a Lost and Found Weapon Quest in Dead Island 2. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Clean and the Snatch Lost and Found mission. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to finish the Clean and Snatch Lost and Found mission in Dead Island 2.

Starting Location

To begin The Clean and the Snatch mission, you should retrieve Journal #1: A Parting Gift from the Pool located outside Beverly Hills Headquarters. To access Obi’s Things in the lockbox, you will need Obi’s Keys.

Follow the paper trail around the pools of Beverly Hills

To trigger the next objective, you need to locate three additional journals scattered across the Beverly Hills pools. These journals are necessary for Obi’s appearance.

Journal #2: Dave’s Phone

Head to the northeastern house, where you’ll find a journal on a chair under an umbrella outside by the pool.

Journal #3: Note from Michael

Then proceed to the house that is located immediately west of the previous one. Journal is inside the empty pool in a toolbox.

Journal #4: Obi’s Phone

The final message is discovered at the home southwest of the previous one, right close to a body lounging by the pool.

Which pool belongs to Obi’s crush?

Once you have all journals, you must proceed to the big house called “GOAT Pen” at the southernmost part of Bel-Air to engage in combat with Obi the Pool Guy. Take down this guy and steal his keys.

Which pool belongs to Obi’s crush?

Go back to Jessie’s Beverly Hills home and use the key to open the container in the pool. The Electrocution Officer’s Sword and some money can be found inside.

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