How to Activate the Central Control Device for As the Khvarena’s Light Shows in Genshin Impact

This guide will help you on completing the objective ‘Activate the Central Control Device‘ of the world quest “As the Khvarena’s Light Shows” in Genshin Impact 3.6. To complete the ‘As the Khvarena’s Light Shows’ quest in Genshin Impact 3.6, players need to activate the Central Control Device. They can do this by connecting three devices near the elevator section and solving a simple puzzle. The quest guide provides instructions on how to move the mixers to ensure energy flows into each device and after that how the Central Control Device must be activated

How to Connect the Three Devices near the Elevator

In order to connect the three devices near the elevator, the player must place a Farrwick near the energy Relay, which will remove the grey crystal and activate the flow of energy.

How to move and Rotate the Mixer to Activate the device

The players are needed to move and rotate the mixers in such a way that the mixers aim at each device and the energy flows through it. This would activate the devices.

Now move the Mixer once so that it comes near the device. ( You can refer to the images down below)

Now rotate the mixer twice so that it aims at the device, making the energy flow through and would activate it.

Now go towards the another mixer which can be found near the device and you have to change its position for energy flowing through the device

Now move the Mixer twice, and the energy would start flowing through all the devices.

Now for the third device, the mixer is not required because energy flows through it right away.

How to Activate the Central Control Device

To Activate the Central Control Device, the player is needed to solve a puzzle which would activate the central control device. For activating the central control device the player is required to use the console next to the stone to interact with it, then use it to make the centre device display the same symbols as the stone.

Go to the east side of the hallway as the objective begins, activate the Anemo Totem as seen in the image below, and then use the air current coming out from totem to glide to the upper level.

After proceeding to the upper level, move towards the left path. Then you will be able to see a stone which has some symbols written on it and a console.

Now you have to interact with the console to rotate the Upper, Middle and Lower level of the Central Control Device, which would activate it.

  1. Rotate the Upper level twice. ( Refer to the image below)

2. Rotate the Middle level once.

3. Rotate the Lower level once.

After following all the instructions, the symbols of stone and central control device would match and it would be activated, thus your objective of ‘Activating the Central Control Device’ in Genshin Impact gets completed.

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