Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find and Unlock Stitch

This article will help you in unlocking Stitch in the game Disney Dreamlight Valley. Stitch is one of the difficult villagers to unlock, as you’ll have to help Donald Duck (in his quest) by finding three missing socks from the valley. Once you find the first sock you have to do a small side quest and then have to wait 5 real-life days. Then after finding the 2nd sock again you have a very small questline to do then have another 5 days to wait for the third sock.

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Find a wet sock (1st Sock)

Look for a Wet Sock at Dazzle Beach. It appears as a little blue blob found on the beach. The wet sock appears to spawn most frequently on the little island to the south of the beach’s eastern end.

The questline will prompt to “find the Villager who owns the Slimy Stocking”. Talk to Donald Duck to give the sock. He’ll inform you that there are some additional items missing from his home. Enter Donald’s house and destroy five trash at 5 locations. Once all five have been destroyed, a Strange Device will appear and be added to your inventory. Give it to Donald and he’ll instruct you to look for more missing socks.

Where to find the second sock

Five days after discovering Donald’s sock, you’ll come upon another sock on the ground in Peaceful Meadow. These belong to Goofy.  Visit Goofy, destroy the trash in the room, and look for a clump of blue fur to present to Donald.

Where to find the third sock

You’ll find the third sock on the ground in Forest of Valor five days after discovering the second. These ones are Merlin’s socks. Visit Merlin and search Merlin’s Library for a Mysterious Claw. Speak with Donald again, and he’ll provide a DNA match as well as information on a landing technique.

Initiate Landing Protocol

Donald will recommend that the strange device be placed on the island nearest to Skull Rock. When you put the device down, a short sequence will play.

Return to Donald and explain the problem; he’ll propose asking Scrooge McDuck to assist Stitch in building a house in the Valley. When you check your Inventory, you’ll locate Stitch’s house under the furnishings tab.

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