Mob Camp Infiltration: How to Get The Gatling Gun in Choo Choo Charles

This walkthrough will guide you through Choo Choo Charles’ Mob Camp Infiltration mission. This is a weapon mission you’ll have to complete this mission, to unlock the Gatling Gun.

How to Get The Gatling Gun

This weapon mission is located in the northwest section of the island. The location is marked in the picture below.

When you arrive at the marked location, find the woman on the porch of the house surrounded by barbed wire and speak to her. She’ll tell you that her late husband Bob had been assembling a weapon to take down Charles. She’ll offer us the weapon if we’re brave enough to retrieve its stolen barrel from a nearby cultist camp.

The location of the cultist camp is marked on the map above. It’s southeast of the woman’s house and can be accessed by taking the rail line going in the south direction.

Hit this track switcher before the camp, and then return to your train. Drive the train into the camp. You’ll quickly alert the enemies, who will begin to chase after you. Once you’ve got their attention, stop the train and quickly hop onto the machine gun, and fire at the cultists. Kill as many as you can.

If some still remain after your first assault, accelerate back into the camp and repeat the process again. Once everyone’s dead, hop off the train and look for stairs leading to an elevated walkway connecting to the top of the nearby rocks

Enter the cabin at the end of the walkway and look for a key on the table inside. Once you have it, head back down the stairs and look for a workshop on the opposite side of the camp.

By using the key, you can unlock the door to the workshop and find the barrel of the Gatling Gun on the table. Grab it to complete the quest and add Bob to your arsenal.

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