Forgotten Memories: Nurturing Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley | Where To Plant the Night Thorn Seeds

Forgotten Memories: Nurturing is a Story Quest which is given by the Fairy Godmother in the Dreamscape after the quest Forgotten Memories: Trust.

Prerequisites: Forgotten Memories: Trust

To initiate the quest, engage in conversation with the Fairy Godmother at the final gateway and then crossed through the gateway.

Talk to Scar, who can be found standing directly in front of the pillar. Interact with Scar to proceed with the quest. You will be tasked with crushing eight flowers with orange petals scattered throughout the biome. Simply choose the “Remove” option to crush the flowers.

Go back to Scar and he will provide you with 25 Night Thorn Seeds. You need to plant 5 seeds near 3 distinct locations, which is a total of 15 seeds planted. You will need to plant the Night Thorn Seeds in three specific locations:

Use your shovel and dig five holes in each specified location. Then Plant the Night Thorn Seeds and water the thorns after planting to aid in their growth and to track your progress towards completing the objective.

  • Near the giant Dreamlight Tree (5)
  • Near the Pillar of Nurturing (5)
  • Near the Mine entrance and the waterfall (5)

Once you have successfully planted all 15 seeds, retrieve the Orb of Nurturing that has fallen in front of the Pillar. Afterwards, return to Scar, who can be found near his cave.

To conclude the quest, proceed to Merlin and initiate a conversation. You will then be transported back to Dreamscape. Retrieve the Memory of Nurturing from the pedestal and proceed to converse with the Fairy Godmother to successfully complete the Forgotten Memories: Nurturing Quest.

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