Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete The Dark Castle Quest

This article will guide you on successfully accomplishing every objective within the quest titled “The Dark Castle” in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Starting Location

After completing the “The Forgotten Relics” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, offer the four relics you have gathered in the previous quest to Merlin, and he will unveil a portal that transports you to the dark realm and initiate the quest.

Open the first door

In order to unlock the first door of the Dark Castle, you must interact with the door itself to obtain a clue. The door will inform you that it will grant passage solely to those wearing “wings and a crown.”

You have multiple options to choose from, below are the two:

  1. Cardboard Crown: Discover it within the Wardrobe on the left side.
  2. Cardboard Wings: Find them in the Wardrobe on the right side of the castle.

Retrieve the Cardboard Crown and Cardboard Wings from Clothing Bags located inside the respective Wardrobes. The Cardboard Crown is situated on the left side of the entry hall, while the Cardboard Wings can be found on the right side. Once you have worn both the crown and wings, approach the door, and it will permit you to proceed.

Open the Second door

The second door can be unlocked solely by feeding it a special dish known as the Night Thorn Sprout Salad. On the second floor, you will discover a table filled with ingredients and a cooking station. The required ingredients for the Night Thorn Sprout Salad are as follows:

  • Dark Castle Lettuce
  • Dreamlight Salt
  • Thorn Sprout

Prepare the Night Thorn Sprout Salad by combining Dark Castle Lettuce, Dreamlight Salt, and Thorn Sprout. Exclude the Dark Castle Garlic. Once the dish is ready, offer it to the door, and it will permit you to proceed.

Open the Third door

First, you need to unveil the missing third-floor door. Just aim your camera at the door, take a picture, and the door will be revealed and you can simply pass through it

Open the Fourth door

To proceed through the fourth door, your objective is to find four torches in the room and arrange them in the proper order around the well. While two torches are located on the ground, you’ll need to use your pickaxe to break the ice and reveal the other two torches.

Examine the interior of the well and make sure you position the torches accurately on the stands that correspond to the correct pictures depicting the different times of the day. Arrange the torches in the following counter-clockwise order: Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Night.

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