Hello Neighbor 2: How to find all 3 Dolls Location

This guide will help you find all three dolls in Hello Neighbor 2. There will be three dolls hidden inside the house of the Hello Neighbor 2 game. One will be Neighbor dolls and the other two will be his two children – one Son and one Daughter.

Where to find the first doll:

The first doll to find is of the Neighbor himself. For that, you have to go around and jump on the vent which is on the other side of the room. Interact with the painting to open the vent. Enter inside the vent and you will get the neighbor’s doll.

Where to find the second doll:

The second doll is of a neighbor’s son. You can find it by moving to the hallway, where you will come across a painting near the staircase. Interact with the painting to reveal a lock. You need to spell “NOT” on the lock to open a secret room. Head inside to collect your second doll.

Where to find the third doll:

The third doll is of a neighbor’s daughter that is beside the dollhouse only. There will be a wooden bar on the wall on the right side of the dollhouse. You can open the wooden bar with a crowbar. You can get a crowbar near the second doll.

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