Safe Code Location Day 1 | Hello Neighbor 2

This guide will help you find the code of Safe on day 1 of the game Hello Neighbor 2. The Safe is located inside a room to the left of the staircase.

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You need to enter a 4-digit code to open the safe. The number (code) you must enter to open the code depends on the color of the flag on the wall above the Safe. The color sequence is “Red”>”Blue”>”Green”>”Yellow”, which means a number with red color should enter first, follow by blue, green, and yellow.

Red Color Code

The code is n the living room near a sofa.

Blue Color Code

The code is in the toilet.

Green Color Code

Green dice is located near the safe itself.

Yello Color Code

The code is in the fridge in the Doll’s House room.

Once you get all four codes, Enter 1984 as the Code.

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