Hello Neighbor 2: How to complete the Treehouse Puzzle | Scissor Location

This guide will help you find the scissor by solving the Tree House Puzzle in the game Hello Neighbor 2. Solving the Tree House Puzzle will unlock the scissor.

You need to go to the back of the green color house and use the trampoline to get launched to the roof. From the roof, run and jump over to the tree house.

Inside the tree house, you will find a broken robot as shown in the below image.

You need to complete the robot figure and rotate its arms to match the figure shown in the picture below.

To solve the puzzle, you first need to search the robot’s picture and it will slide and open up to give an arm.

Next, place the arm on the robot. Then rotate the robot’s arms to copy the shape on the picture.

Once you copy the shape correctly, you will get a switch.

Next, place the switch near the rail track.

Once we press the switch, it will change the train on the track.

You will get the scissor as the train drives on the track.

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