Hello Neighbour 2: Photo Frame Puzzle Solution

Today we will unveil the neighbor photo puzzle in the game Hello Neighbour 2. To solve this puzzle you need four pieces of photos all around the room.

Where to find the first piece for the neighbor photo puzzle

The first piece is just behind the wall of the photo frame. You just need scissors to cut the wires and behind there will be the first piece of the neighbor photo puzzle.

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Where to find the second piece for the neighbor photo puzzle

To get this photo piece, you’ll need a crowbar, which you can get by going down the stairs and looking for a lock beside a portrait. To unlock it, scroll “NOT” and the wall will open. Head inside to get a crowbar.

Then, go upstairs within a hallway, and you will get a box in front. Open it with the crowbar and you will get the second piece of the photo.

Where to find the third piece for the neighbor photo puzzle

Climb up the cupboard in front of the photo frame, and cut the spider web to get the dumbbell.

Then go to another room (left of the box where you got 2nd photo piece) and put it over slack. This will open the cupboard in the room from where you can get the third photo piece.

Where to find the fourth piece for the neighbor photo puzzle

In the same room (where you got photo piece #3) and cut the pillow. You will get your fourth piece for the photo puzzle of Neighbour.

Once you place all four pieces of the photo in the frame, a cupboard will open in the nearby bookshelf containing the key.

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