Hogwarts Legacy: Dissending For Sweets Quest Guide

This article will guide you through all the objectives of the side quest “Dissending For Sweets” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. This side quest can be found in The Great Hall within the castle after the Main Quest: Potions Class. In the quest Garreth Weasley (NPC) wants you to get some Billywig Stings from Honeydukes as he has got another potion he wishes to fix after his last mistake in the Potions Class that he has left his cauldron and the rest of the class explodes with excitement.

Starting Location: ‘Dissending’ for Sweets

To start the quest, head to the castle’s Great Hall and speak with Garreth Weasley (NPC) at the designated point. You can use Fast travel to reach the Great Hall quickly.

Talk to Garreth Weasley

Garreth will ask the player to help him in getting some Billywig stings from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade as he wishes to fix after his last mistake in the Potions Class

Find the statue of the one-eyed witch

Once you’ve finished talking to Garreth, follow the quest marker and head up the small staircase through the door adjacent to him to reach the one-eyed witch statue.

Open the one-eyed witch statue

Interact with the statue to enter a dungeon. Here you have to explore the secret passageway, by making your way through a lot of dark caves.

Explore the secret passage

Players will encounter a broken elevator as the first obstacle inside the dungeon. Use Repairo to fix the elevator and then ride it down to the bottom of the dungeon.

Continue deep inside the dungeon to find a giant spider web blocking your path. Cast Incendio Spell on the spider web to burn it. Next, use Levioso on the platform to raise it. Jump onto the platform then climb up the cliff wall to proceed.

Cast Levioso on the platform to lift it up. This will help you to raise the platform up high enough that you can jump up the wall to continue your journey. Continue to follow the path and then cast Reparo on the broken platform and use Levioso to lift it up to cross the gap.

Clear another spider web and cast Reparo on the broken platform, and use Accio and Levioso to bring it up and continue ahead.

At the end of the path, cast Incendio on the two light the braziers to open the door.

Find a way out of the secret passage

Now enter inside the building and climb up the ladder to enter Honeydukes.

Find the Billywig Stings

Collect the Dried Billywig Stings that Garreth needs from the table.

Return to Garreth

Teleport back to the Great Hall Floo Flame and Go to the Entrance Hall. Talk to Garreth Weasley to end the quest.

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