Hogwarts Legacy: The Tale of Rowland Oakes Quest Walkthrough

The Tale of Rowland Oakes is a Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy where a player must solve a small puzzle to find Adelaide’s (NPC) uncle and save him. Follow the steps listed below if you wish to finish The Tale of Rowland Oakes in Hogwarts Legacy.

Starting Location

This quest can be initiated only after you have finished the Main Quest The Helm of Urtkot. To begin the quest, meet Adelaide (NPC) at the Transfiguration Courtyard accessible from the Central Hall Floo Flame.

Talk to Adelaide Oakes

At the Transfiguration Courtyard speak with Adelaide (NPC). She will express her concerns regarding her uncle’s (a metal dealer) potential involvement in a shady arrangement with Ranrok’s Loyalists and seeks assistance in locating him.

Find Rowland Oakes’s campsite

As the quest starts your first task is to go to the Rowland Oakes’ campsite in the North Hogwarts Region. A player can teleport to Jackdaw’s Tomb Floo Flame. You need to follow the quest marker to Roland’s camp.

Defeat the Goblins Occupying Rowland’s Camp

Defeat all Goblins inside Roland’s camp.

Investigate the campsite to find a clue

When you’ve cleared the camp, use the Revelio spell to find some hidden clues. The player will find two items in the camp which are Rowland Oakes’s Journal and Rowland Oakes’s Map.

The Map consists of hints of where to go next to find Roland. The red line will show you where you need to go down the trail along the river to find a goblin camp.

Use Rowland’s map to follow his Trail

Rowland’s map clue will direct you to an outpost named Korrow Ruins on the west edge of the world map. The exact location is shown below. A player can teleport to the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame

Enter the goblin outpost

Upon arriving at the destination, defeat the swarm of Goblins before entering the ruins. Inside turn to the left and climb up the ladder. Then go to your right and follow the path and defeat some enemies at the end to reach Korrow Ruins dungeon

Explore the Goblin Outpost and find Rowland Oakes

Follow the quest marker inside the Korrow Ruins dungeon and defeat all the enemies to finally reach the location of Rowland Oakes.

Talk to Rowland through his cell door

Speak with Rowland and he will ask you to get his wand.

Find Rowland’s Wand

To find the wand, head upstairs to find a big round metal door.

Then climb the stairs near the round gate, and follow the corridor to reach the boiler. Use any fire spell like Incendio or Confringo to light the boiler.

Finally, return to the big round metal door and enter inside. Defeat all enemies inside and after that enter the room on the right to find the wand on a table.

Give Rowland his wand

Now go back to Rowland and give him his lost wand so that he can come out of the locked room and this will finish the sidequest.

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