Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete ” In The Shadow Of The Study ” Sidequest

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for completing all the objectives of the “In the Shadow of the Study” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, where Sebastian endeavors to reunite Ominis with the team in order to locate the Salazar Slytherin Scriptorium and the Slytherin Spellbook. This side quest is one of three available that will enable you to acquire one of the Unforgivable Curses, with the completion of this quest unlocking the Crucio curse.


LocationHogwarts -> The Grand Staircase -> Lower Grand Staircase
Quest GiverSebastian Sallow
RequirementHaving Finished Relationship Quest: In the Shadow of the Bloodline
RewardCrucio Spell
Mission InfoSebastian wants to meet outside the Slytherin common room to talk to me about Slytherin’s Scriptorium.

Starting Location

The quest starts in Hogwarts at the Grand Staircase, specifically the Lower Grand Staircase floo flame.

Meet Sebastian outside the Slytherin common room

The player needs to go to the Slytherin common room and speak with Sebastian. He expresses his desire to study more about the Dark Arts, but Ominis will not reveal the location of Slytherin’s Scriptorium.

Go with Sebastian to meet Ominis

After meeting Sebastian , the player needs to follow him to meet Ominis . After continuing straight, you will come to a large hall with omnis standing in the corner

Speak with Ominis

To gain access to the Scriptorium, players must first persuade Ominis to reveal the location of the door. Players will be tasked with opening the Slytherin’s door.

Open Slytherin’s door

To open the Slytherin’s door do following : First locate the three Braziers using Revelio. From where Ominis is positioned, there are three braziers (snake-based torches) visible. Two Braziers are on the left and one on the right side.

You need to cast Confringo/Incendio on three pillars ( braziers ). All three Pillars must be on fire, thus you must move very quickly to open a a hidden path. The quickest way is to shoot Confringo while standing in a corner. If you are not quick enough, they will all burn out.

Explore beyond the doorway

After you open the first door, you will be able to enter the dungeon. Go down the stairs that will lead you to the secret passage. And then you’ll see some broken pieces on the floor and another door in front of you.

Figure out how to progress

Cast Reparo spell on the damaged stone to repair the structure.

Speak with Ominis about the hissing

Now, Omnis will explain that he can hear a voice, and he can use this to open the door. The player needs to speak with Omnis and choose the option to encourage him to trust his instincts. After that, Omnis will open the door, and the player can proceed with the quest. Wait for Ominis to open the door.

Explore beyond the serpent door

Pass the door that just opened

Find a way through

The 1st gate

Cast lumos for proper visibility as the area is dark and head to the left side. You will see a half opened gate and a locked gate directly to your right.

Crawl through the half opened gate and ignite the torch using Confringo right next to the snake statue. Then to unlock the gate rotate the top and bottom dials. The symbols on the dial should matches to what you observed on the locked gate

Matching the symbols did actually works and open the locked door. Get out of this room and head inside the newly unlocked door and you will find yourself in front of another locked door. Remember/write down those symbols as you need to use this symbol latter.

#2 Gate

Return to the point where you entered the region.

A second Slytherin Lock is near the locked gate. Then to unlock the gate rotate the top and bottom dials. The symbols on the dial should matches to what you observed on the locked gate. Match the symbols to open the gate will now open, and go upstairs.

Upper dial: A circle on the right with a half-moon.
Lower dial: Infinity sign with snake head

The 3rd gate

Go upstairs to find a third Slytherin Lock, where you can enter the Symbols you jotted down on the second door.
Upper dial: Circle with two marks on the right ( O< )
Lower dial: Similar to a pointed capital A

Now return to the 2nd door from where we noted the symbols which is open now. Then proceed through the 3rd gate to the locked door. Take a look at the final note on the ground. It is important that you read the letter because it contains information on what you will need to do to proceed.

Talk to Sebastian

Sebastian describes what needs to be done and requests that you consult with Ominis about it.You can agree, or you can decline and urge Sebastian to talk to his friend.

Talk to Ominis about Crucio

He claims that in order to cast the magic, one must truly believe in it, which he has never done. It will have to be done by one of you.

Talk to Sebastian

He’ll inform you that either he or you can cast it. After that , In the dialogue, you will have three options

  • Very well, I don’t want to learn the Cruciatus Curse.
  • I want to learn Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me.
  • Teach me the Cruciatus Curse, and I’ll cast it on you.

Upon selecting the second option, Sebastian will proceed to cast the curse on you after you have learned it, resulting in the opening of the door, as depicted in the images below.

Explore beyond the doorway

Just pass the now opened door. You’ll see a Slytherin statue with snakes all around it.

Search Slytherin’s Scriptorium

To continue, you must pick up the book (Slytherin’s spellbook) in the centre of the room.

Give the Book to Sebastian

After collecting the book, go up the stairs and give the book to Sebastian.

Leave the Scriptorium

Interact with the statue on the back wall to discover a secret tunnel that will take you back to the entrance to the mysterious location we just investigated.

Listen to what Ominis has to say

Hear his conversation to end the quest.

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