Honkai Star Rail – All Luminflux Pyxis Puzzle Solutions ( Day 1 )

These puzzles may look familiar if you’ve already finished the Humming Antlers chapter story quest. You used them to eliminate every Ambrosial Arbour coil when you last saw them. The riddles act as barriers to your progress this time around, and the game mechanics are similar. In the upper right corner of the Artisanship Commission Map, close to the quest’s completion, you can find the Puzzles repeatedly for the following three days. This guide will help you to complete the nine Luminflux Pyxis puzzles that Master Gongshu will want you to do in Honkai: Star Rail. For the Day 1 you must solve three riddles

Luminflux Pyxis Puzzle Solutions ( Day 2 )

Talk to master gongshu

Talk to Master Gongshu then the puzzles’ll be open for your three allocated days, you can see them on the map using puzzle marker.

How to solve luminflux pyxis puzzle

In order to solve these puzzles, players must rotate the items to direct light beams into one another and simultaneously destroy every orb in their path. The last device need not complete the loop and re-establish communication with the launch device or any other device. Players can rotate the devices or transmitters either clockwise or anticlockwise, then push Launch from the first device, in an effort to try to destroy every orb . If they are unsuccessful, players might try the issue several times with different adjustments. Players will be able to view the area from a bird’s eye viewpoint and just follow the direction of each light beam. Players have the option of restarting the challenge

Puzzle #1

  1. Make one anticlockwise turn of the 1st transmitter on the left to northeast.
  2. Turn the middle second transmitter twice anticlockwise to face southeast.
  3. Turn the 3rd transmitter once anticlockwise
  4. turn the 4th transmitter once clockwise

Puzzle #2

  1. Rotate the 1st transmitter to the left ( 3 times clockwise ) in a northeast direction.
  2. Turn 2nd transmitter 5 times clockwise so that it faces the transmitter on the right in east
  3. Turn the 3rd transmitter four times clockwise so that it is facing down.
  4. Rotate the 4th transmitter 2 times anticlockwise
  5. Rotate the bottom centre 5th transmitter anticlockwise once in a northward or westward direction. Then launch

Puzzle #3

  1. Turn the 1st transmitter four times anticlockwise.
  2. Turn the 2nd transmitter once clockwise.
  3. Turn the 3rd transmitter once anticlockwise.
  4. Turn the 4th transmitter twice clockwise.
  5. turn the 5th transmitter twice clockwise. Them launch

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