How to activate Skull Rock (Pillar Puzzle) in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this article, you will find a comprehensive walkthrough of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s quest titled “Between a Skull Rock and a Hard Place“. It will provide you with a step-by-step guide on accomplishing each objective. This is a story-based quest that becomes available once you have successfully finished The Dark Castle quest.

Uncover the mystery of the Pillar of Unity on Skull Rock island

This quest will start after players venture back into the Dark Castle and retrieve the Orb of Unity. Players will then need to restore it at the pillar on Dazzle Beach which will activate the “Between A Skull Rock and A Hard Place” quest.

Upon initiating this quest, peculiar symbols will appears on the ground surrounding the Pillar of Unity. These symbols, totaling seven in number, must be correctly paired with the corresponding seven pillars scattered throughout the valley in order to successfully solve the puzzle.

If you’re facing challenges in aligning the pillars accurately, here is the suggested sequence for their placement.

  • Pillar of Friendship (From the Peaceful Meadow biome)
  • Pillar of Trust (From the Glade of Trust biome)
  • Pillar of Nurturing (From the Sunlit Plateau biome)
  • Pillar of Remembrance (From the Forgotten Lands biome)
  • Pillar of Love (From the Frosted Heights biome)
  • Pillar or Courage (From the Forest of Valor biome)
  • Pillar of Power (From the Dazzle Beach biome)

Once the seven pillars have been appropriately placed in their designated spots, a cutscene will automatically activate, featuring the shaking and opening of Skull Rock. Following this event, players will receive a prompt to talk to Merlin regarding this strange happening.

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