Honkai Star Rail : Stargazer Navalia All Treasure Locations.

In Honkai: Star Rail, players meet Kafka there in Stargazer Navalia after a long search. Players are required to use Diting to follow Kafka’s footprints during the Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung Trailblaze Mission. In Stargazer Navalia, Trailblazers can find a variety of collectibles and Chests along the way. Stargazer Navalia Treasures are divided into 10 Basic, 10 Bountiful, and three Precious Chests. The Stargazer Navalia has 23 treasures. Some of them, however, are only accessible after finishing Honkai: Star Rail’s Formidable Foes and Navigation Compasses problems. Additionally, one Warp Trotter can be found in one of the region’s sections.

Bountiful Treasure -1

You can quickly solve the Navigation Compass puzzle in the northeastern region of the map by turning all four of the compass’ inner wheels such that the glowing indicators all face west. After that, a freight starskiff with a bounty chest with the following will arrive.

1.  Rotate x2

  1. Switch
  2. Rotate x1
  3. Switch
  4. Rotate x1

Bountiful Treasure  – 2

In the north/northwest corner of the region, you’ll find your first Hexanexus puzzle. Rotate the Hexanexus’ faces until they line up with the outside plates to finish the puzzle. After finishing the puzzle, the bounty chest will spawn on its own.

Bountiful Treasure – 3

To begin the Formidable Foe challenge, teleport to the Ship Nursery – The Budding space anchor and then move to the northwest. You’ll find two Patrol Machines (Level 44) here in the northwest, watching over a Bountiful Chest. To access the Chest, you must eliminate both of them.

Bountiful Treasure -4

Head south from the previous location mentioned above. Instead of running down the stairs, go to the pole next to the stairs instead to find a mechanical Cycrane Courrier bird that you can follow to another Treasure Chest.

Bountiful Treasure -5

Now, teleport to The Mooring space anchor and head east to a Navigation Compass puzzle. Then :

  1. Rotate x3
  2. Switch
  3. Rotate x2
  4. Switch
  5. Rotate x2
  6. Switch
  7. Rotate x4
    After completing the process, the puzzle would be finished and your chest would be inside the freight starskiff.

Bountiful Treasure – 6
For a second Navigation Compass puzzle, move the map in the opposite direction (front of you).
1.  Rotate x1

  1. Switch
  2. Rotate x1
  3. Switch
  4. Rotate x2
  5. Switch
  6. Rotate x1

Bountiful Treasure – 7
From your previous location, move west until you observe a crowd of enemies attacking the mechanical bird. Defeat them to interact with the bird and finish the puzzle.

Bountiful Treasure – 8
After claiming the chest at position #7, proceed eastward to a Formidable Foe challenge. For F2P teams, this is yet another challenging enemy that necessitates a lot of trial and error.

Bountiful Treasure – 9
For a Navigation Compass puzzle, move southwest from the previous spot.
1.  Rotate x2

  1. Switch
  2. Rotate x2
  3. Switch
  4. Rotate x1

Bountiful Treasure – 10
Continue west from the last location to find a Hexanexus riddle.
1.  Choose line 4 and rotate right 2 times.

  1. Choose line 1 and rotate left 2 times.

Bountiful Treasure – 11
A Hexanexus puzzle can be found further north if you teleport to Ship Nursery- The Budding space anchor.

  1. Change your point of view to the left 1 times (press Q)
  2. Choose line 1 and rotate right 1 times
  3. Choose line 2 and rotate right 2 times.

Precious Treasure – 12
Before lowering the platform, teleport to Ship Nursery, the Burgeoning space anchor, and use the controller to move the boxes to the left. Turn around after passing those red boxes to locate another controller. Use it to push the boxes once more to the left so you have room to move to the treasure chest.

Basic Treasure – 1
Follow the path to the Astral Cottage space anchor and teleport there. Once you’ve defeated a little opponent, make sure to choose the right branch.

Basic Treasure – 2
The elevator is to the south of where you were before ( above location); take it to the bottom floor. Once you get to the bottom, proceed cautiously because you’re in a real maze. After exiting the lift, move forward until you reach a set of stairs on your right, then turn left and then right.

Basic Treasure – 3
After climbing the stairs you previously took to get there ( in the above location), you turn to your left and discover a not-so-hidden passageway that leads to a different treasure chest.

Basic Treasure – 4
Once there, keep moving west until you come across a chest right next to a stairwell leading downstairs. To find it, teleport to Ship Nursery – The Budding space anchor.

Basic Treasure – 5
From the above previous location, use the stairwell beside you and find the chest which is hidden behind a huge container.

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