How To Complete ” Foal Of The Dead ” Side Quest In Hogwarts legacy

This article will guide you through all the objectives of the side quest “Foal of the Dead” in the game Hogwarts Legacy.


Location: Hogwarts -> Secret Rooms -> Room of Requirement
Quest Giver: Deek
Quest Level: Level 20
Rewards : 180XP , Breeding pen

Starting location

To initiate this quest, speak with Deek in the Room of Requirement, who will advise you to breed a Thestral.

Talk to Deek in the Room of Requirement

Dreek will assign you the task of breeding a Thestral. To accomplish this, he will request that you rescue both a male and a female Thestral.

Rescue a male Threstral and Rescue a female Threstral

You can find them on the north side of the world map, just follow the quest marker.

Change the spell set to include the Disillusionment Charm, Levioso, Arresto Momentum, and Nab Sack once you’ve found a suitable Thestral. With the Disillusionment charm, you can become invisible and sneak up on the Thestral without it fleeing.

Then, in quick succession, cast Levioso and Arresto Momentum to freeze the Thestral in the air and pull it into the Nab Sack.

you can catch the creature before it has a chance to flee And rescue a male (♂) and female (♀) Thestral.

Purchase a breeding pen spellcraft

Speak to Thomas Brown in the Tomes and Scrolls shop to purchase the Breeding Pen Spellcraft for 1000 Gold. To reach his shop follow the mini-map.

Return to Deek in the Room of Requirement

Tell Deek that you’ve rescued the Thestrals and bought the Breeding Pen Spellcraft.

Conjure a Breeding Pen

Enter the vivarium that appeared during the conversation with Deek. Inside the vivarium, cast the Conjuring spell, select Beast Items then select Breeding Pen

Interact with the book in front of the breeding pen and choose Thestrals and choose the Thestral species. Wait for real-life 30 minutes and come back. A baby Thestral will be born.

Groom and feed the Thestral Offspring

After you have bred the Thestral, feed it and groom it.

Return to Deek

Finally, return to Deek and report to him to finish Foal of the Dead Side Quest.

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