How to Complete ” Crossed Wands: Round 3 ” In Hogwarts Legacy

Crossed Wands: Round 3 is a Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. This page will cover the duel in Crossed Wands: Round 3 in Hogwarts Legacy.


LocationThe South Wing -> Clock Tower Courtyard
Quest Giver:Lucan Brattleby
Quest Level:5
RewardsAppearances, 180 XP

Starting location

Talk to Lucan in the Clock Tower Courtyard of The South Wing to start this duel. Crossed Wands Round 3 side quest is far more challenging than the previous two side quests.

Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Simply approach Lucan and choose “Hello, Lucan, is the final round of Crossed Wands ready?” and choose any partner you want to start the fight.  You’ll have to defeat four other opponents to be crowned the tournament champion.

The most efficient strategy is to focus on one enemy at a time until you take him out of the battle. By following these simple tips, you can win Crossed Wands Round 3 even by yourself.

~Break the red shield with Incendio(spell)
Use the spell Incendio you’ve learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 to remove the Red Shield.

~Break the violet shield with Accio(spell)
To remove the Violet Shield, you’ll have to use the spell Accio

~Break the yellow shield with Levioso(spell)
To break the Yellow Shield, use the spell Levioso

~ Use Levioso or Accio when you throw objects at the enemy to deal double damage.

~Protego should be used more frequently to protect yourself from attacks.  It deflects incoming projectiles or spells.

You can also stun a portion of the enemy with Stupefy. This spell stunned the target and rendered them unconscious.

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