How To Complete “Interior Decorating” Side Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

Interior Decorating is a Side Quest in the game of Hogwarts Legacy. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Interior Decorating side quest.


LocationSecret rooms  > room of requirement
Quest giver Professor Weasley
Quest Level5
Rewards180 XP, Altering Spell, Conjuration spell craft

Starting location

To begin the side quest, have a conversation with Professor Weasley. The location for the sidequest “Interior Decorating” can be found in the secret rooms of the castle, which will only be accessible after you have discovered the Room of Requirements. You can see the image down below:

Gather Moonstones

Professor Weasley will ask you to get 15 X Gather Moonstones. It is a pretty common material and If you have already enough Moonstones then you can proceed ahead to decorate the room with her.

Conjure wall decorations x 5

Talk to Professor Weasley and she will explain how to decorate the room using the ‘Conjuration’ spell. She will teach you and ask you to perform a bit. Cast the Conjuring spell, and select “Room of Requirement Artwork”. To finish this section of the quest, you must place 5 wall decorations.

Conjure floor decorations x 5

Cast the Conjuring spell, and select “Decorations”. Select any 5 items to decorate the floor.


After you placed all decorations, talk to Professor Weasley again. You will learn the Altering Spell now. With this spell, you may alter appearances like shape and color.

Alter the style of an item

You’ll need to use the Altering spell on a few items that you decorate earlier in your room to change their size and appearance.

Change the color of an item

Use the Altering spell to change the color of items.

Alter the balcony or the floor of the room

Once you have completed the alteration, Professor Weasley will direct you to change either the floor or the balcony. Use the Altering Spell on the floor or balcony area and choose from the available options.

Speak with Deek

After completing all the above tasks, speak to Deek. He will let you choose the room’s theme among the three options listed

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