How to complete the “Phoenix Rising ” sidequest in Hogwarts Legacy

This article will guide you through all objectives of the sidequest “Phoenix Rising” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. In this side quest you must find and rescue the Phoenix. Phoenix is a large and iconic creature, a fiery magical bird that dies and is reborn from the ashes.


LocationHogwarts -> Secret Rooms -> Room of Requirement
Quest GiverDeek
Quest Level20
Reward3x Moonstone, 1X Phoenix Feather, 180XP  
RequirementHaving Finished: Main Quest Njamh Fitzgerald‘s Trial

Starting Location

This sidequest can be picked up from Deek who is a house elf in the Room of Requirement. Once it is started, you will be able to see a marker for the quest on their map.

Speak with deek

When you start talking to Deek, he’ll tell you that there’s a phoenix nest nearby in a mountain, and poachers may have discovered it as well. He will ask for your help in rescuing the Phoenix.

Search for the cave

The cave is on the southeast side of the map. Refer to the below image.

Enter the Phoenix Mountain Cave

Once you reach the location, enter the phoenix mountain cave.

Search for the phoenix

Follow the path that leads to a group of poachers as soon as you enter the cave.

Clear the poacher camp

Defeat all the poachers inside the cave and keep following the path ahead.

Search for the phoenix

Once you have eliminated the poacher camp, proceed to the door where a cutscene featuring the phoenix will begin.

Reach the peak of the mountain

To reach there climb up two ladders next to you, and after that take the path to the right.

You’ll find another group of poachers at the peak of the mountain. Defeat all poachers.

Reach the peak of the mountain

After defeating all enemies, open up the wall with Bombarda( spell). As soon as you open the door, the phoenix will fly directly before you.

Catch the Pheonix

To catch the Pheonix follow the path.

Rescue the phoenix with the nab-sack

To catch the Pheonix, press the button to activate your Nab-sack. Now just rescue the phoenix with the nab-sack, this will unlock the trophy “ Rising From the Ashes“.

Return to Deek

Return to the room of requirements and talk to Deek to end the quest.

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