How To Complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2

Rainy Day Stash is one of the Lost and Found tasks in this game where you can find a variety of goodies. You can follow this article to complete the Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Quest.

What is Jo’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2?

Jo’s Rainy Day Stash requires you to track down every hint that points to hidden Jo’s stash in the game Dead Island 2. To survive the unrelenting waves of zombies, you must scrounge for supplies, find items, and engage in combat. In order to survive in the dangerous world, it would also be important to have effective weapons to fight off adversaries. One such weapon with distinctive stats is Jo’s Rainy Day Stash. You will receive 2000 Xp and Jo’s Rainy Day Stash after completing the quest.

How to Complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2?

You can complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2 by finding all items, Jo’s Rentals, Jo’s Staff Room Key, Jo’s Beloved Baby, Jo’s Final Farewell, and the safe. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Follow the paper trail to Jo’s kick-ass Stash!

Go to Jo’s Rentals at the Venice Beach and collect the Journal near the counter to start the quest. Then go to the table in the same room to collect Jo’s Staff Room Key.

Go south of the Jo’s Rentals along the Venice beach to Surfing and Skate Rentals to collect the Journal of Jo’s Beloved Baby.

To collect the final Journal to complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2. Enter the parking lot behind the previous shop. A unique zombie Jo’s Shambling Body will appear. Pick up Jo’s Final Farewell from his corpse.

Next, go to Marlas’ Tapas and Tacos. Climb up the roof and enter the building from the second floor. Find the safe near the wall to the left, open the safe to claim your reward. Climb up the white building on the left, then jump on white parked truck in the alley, from there jump onto the roof, then climb onto the white roof and go through the fence

You will receive a special weapon from this quest to defend yourself from the swarms of the undead.

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