Dead Island 2 – Missing: Davis Side Quest Walkthrough

Lost and Found Quest called Missing: David becomes is available when you complete the Boardwalking Dead main quest and get to the Pier. This article will guide you on completing the Missing: Davis Lost and Found quest on this page.

How to Start Missing: Davis

The Missing: Davis side task will become accessible at the Serling Hotel’s Missing Person Reports board. Use Fast Travel to return to Serling Hotel and pick up the quest.

Where in the Hell-A is Davis?

Davis has been reported missing, and the last time his mother saw him doing was boarding a bus bound for Venice Beach. Use the Fast Travel to get to the Venice Beach and head to the Northeast towards the Sewers. There are few bunch of buses. Explore the bus that is on its tipped over on its side and the surrounding environment to look for any hints about Davis’ whereabouts.

Crawl inside the bus, near the back exit of the bus, you’ll find a body with a phone nearby (clue) leading to your next destination to find Davis.

Investigate the evac buses for any sign of Davis

Head back to the Pier. From here, go northeast towards the buses that are by the Hot Dog Shack.

To access the bus shelter, go to the corner indicated on the map below. You can enter through a broken section of the fence by Crouch through a hole and proceed to the end.

Once entering, turn around and proceed to the portable restrooms on the southwest side. When you get here, Davis will come out of the sewers.

How to Kill Davis

Keep in mind that Davis is a Crusher and that he will pound the ground whenever he approaches you. Draw Davis and the horde as near to you as you can, then let Davis use his Ground Pound to destroy them.

Attack Davis’s arms as soon as you’ve driven the majority of the zombies out of the area. He will no longer be able to swipe at you or use the Ground Pound manoeuvre as a result. The optimal strategy is to wait for Davis to perform a Ground Pound, jump over the impact, and then rush in and attack his arms as he is recuperating.

Check Davis’s Phone

When you’ve killed Davis, check his phone to pick up the third and final Journal for this mission.

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