Missing: Shane Location (Lost and Found Quest) | Dead Island 2

A Lost & Found Quest called “Missing: Shane” becomes accessible during the main story Boardwalking Dead of the game Dead Island 2. Jenna and Cody have reported Shane missing. He was last seen on Venice Beach, at Lifeguard Hut #17

How to Start Missing: Shane

The Missing Persons Report board outside of Dr Reed’s office at the Serling Hotel is where you may pick up this Lost & Found side quest.

Where in Hell-A is Shane?

Jenna and Cody have reported Shane missing. He was last seen on Venice Beach, at Lifeguard Hut #17. Head over to Venice Beach to start your search since there is where he was last seen, at Lifeguard Hut #17.

Rummage through Shane’s hut for any clues

As you approach the sea on Venice Beach’s southwest side, keep going until you see the blue lifeguard station with the number 17. Remove any zombies from the area before climbing the ramp to the hut. Turn off the generator so you can safely go inside and explore. The most important thing to collect here is the Offer of a Lifetime Journal.

Follow Shane to Lifeguard Hut 18

Once you have the note, you will observe that Nell, a different lifeguard, instructs Shane to proceed to Hut 18. This is further down the beach, directly west of Hut 17.

Clear out the zombies around Hut 18 in case Shane’s still alive

Upon arrival at Hut 18, it will become apparent that it has been invaded by zombies, with Nell, the lifeguard previously mentioned, being among their ranks. As Nell is now a member of the undead, it is necessary to eliminate all the zombies including Nell and retrieving the Journal from her.

You can read in Shane’s note to Nell that he has left for Lifeguard HQ because he has called a meeting. It is now time to go back to The Pier.

Pick up Shane’s trail at the Lifeguard HQ

Fast travel to The Pier. Exit the building where you spawn. From here, proceed to the beach by using the Lifeguard Headquarters’ southwest exit.

Shane won’t be there, but TJ The Lifeguard will be strolling around. Defeat him to obtain the last Journal for this quest and learn what has happened to Shane.

Picking up the journal from TJ the Lifeguard to end the missing person case. Shane has apparently made an attempt to leave and is, hopefully, taken a boat up to Santa Barbara.

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