How to find the Stuffed Bear Head in Hello Neighbor 2

In this guide, we will be showing the location of all stuffed bear heads to solve the Museum Puzzle in the game Hello Neighbor 2.

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To get the Stuffed Bear Head you need to find 3 books in the museum and solve the Museum Bookshelf Puzzle. Go into the library and on the 2nd floor and interact with the book on the table to get a wrench.

Use the wrench to open the toilet door (left side of the library) on the second level.

You will find the book on the toilet seat, and return it to the library where you can place the book on the marked spot.

Next, go to the balcony area on the 2nd floor (Opposite the library)and climb up the boxes near the TV. Open up the wooden crate to pick up the antenna.

Next, climb up the rooftop using the scaffolding around the building and install the antenna. Rotate both antennas to point up.

Go back to the TV and use the knob to change the channel. Wait for a second until you see an icon can be seen. Repeat this process two more times until you have seen three icons. You need to remember the order in which the icons appear on the TV screen. This is the order you need to pull the books from the bookshelf. Remember this pattern: Fire, Flower, and Planet.

Head back to the library and pull books in the order you saw on the TV. The stuffed bear head will come out automatically from the bookshelf.

Collect the bear head and go to the first floor of the museum. You can now attach it to the stuffed animal and get access to the attic.

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