Dead Island 2: Cremains of the Day Walkthrough

This article will guide you through the side quest “Cremains of the Day” in Dead Island 2. Body pits containing the remains of dead soldiers and survivors line the Venice Beach shoreline at the back of one of your newest allies. More zombies emerge from those trenches every day and W.O. Rodriguez need your help to burn all the corpse pits by the Tower at Venice Beach.

Where to Find the Daily Cremains Side Quest

You can find W.O. Rodriguez on the top floor of the Tower in Venice Beach to initiate the Cremains of the Day Side Quest. You can access this location only after finishing the Beach Offensive Story Quest in Venice Beach.

You can use a fast travel map to travel directly to the Tower if you have already left the Venice Beach region. Talk to W.O. Rodriguez about the body pits in the backyard continually spawning more zombies. She promises to give you some American army equipment to aid in your zombie-killing mission in exchange for burning the pits.

Prepare to assault the death pits: rally at the rear exit

To access the section of the beach where the body pits are located, descend the Tower to the first floor and enter through the back door. Use your keycard to exit the building.

Fire up the death pits x3

You have to fire up three death pits. 

Location of the First Death Pit

As you exit the Tower through the back doors, you will immediately find the first body pit. The hole is surrounded by barrels of explosive fuel. To detonate these explosive barrels, shoot at them or throw a Molotov cocktail or other explosive Curveball.

Location of the Second Death Pit

The second body pit is nearby, just a little to the northwest up the shoreline. You can attack these body pits in any order you like. Just to your left, you will see a shipping container with the number “64” on it and a sign honoring the fallen troops who are now surrounding it in an undead state.

The Third Death Pit’s Location

You’ll find the third and the last death pit located southeast of the Towerm, up against the fort wall. To start the fire, light a Molotov cocktail or lure a Burning Walker or Runner over the fuel-covered blood.

Eliminate the fire-spewing hostile!

A Firestorm Slobber named M.C. Spitzfire will emerge from the flames from the last pit. You can’t lure M.C. Spitzfire away from the lethal heat pit and into a vulnerable position for attack. Hence, it is advisable to have ammunition readily available for engaging M.C. Spitzfire in combat.

Report back to Warrant Officer Rodriguez

Update W.O. Rodriguez on your success about the slobber M.C. Spitzfire. Go back to the Tower and ascend to the third floor to speak to her. Rodriguez will thank you for doing this difficult task for her, and you can now trade with her to get a variety of helpful items. Blueprints included! As a token of appreciation, you currently receive the Rare Ranged Cremator Mod Blueprint.

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