How to complete Imperial Mausoleum Quest in Goat Simulator 3

This guide will help you to complete the quest “Imperial Mausoleum” in the game Goat Simulator 3. For Completing the Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest you need to be well versed with Star Wars’ iconic Imperial March tune, but if you’re not familiar with the decades-old soundtrack then definitely there will be a problem, you’ll struggle to complete Imperial Mausoleum.

The quest location is given below on the map.

How to complete Imperial Mausoleum Quest

To find this quest, simply travel to Brumehill Cemetery, which is located just north of Fairmeadows Ranch. You’ll see it on your map as soon as you activate the first Goat Tower. As soon as you arrive here, scale the church and reach the bell tower.

This is where you’ll stumble into the Imperial Mausoleum quest in Goat Simulator 3. You’ll be met with the quest objective to use force to play a march. For eagle-eyed players out there, you’ll probably recognize that this is a Star Wars reference. What the quest wants you to do is play the iconic Imperial March theme using the bells atop the tower. If you’re unsure how to do so, simply follow this step-by-step guide by hitting the bells in the given order.

Solution: Middle-Middle-Middle-Left-Right-Middle-Left-Right-Middle

After playing the Imperial March theme, you’ll be greeted with a cutscene where the mausoleum doors at the other end of the graveyard will open for you.

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