All Cooking Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Prepare a delicious meal with our guide on how to make use of the different recipes in Disney Dreamlight valley. Here is the full list of Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes.

Apple Cider Glazed Salmon – Apple, salmon and sugarcane

Apple Pie – Apple, butter and wheat

Apple Sorbet – Apple, slush ice and sugarcane

Arendellian Pickled Herring – Herring, garlic, lemon, onion and any spice

Aurora’s Cake – Egg, milk, raspberry, sugarcane and wheat

Baked Carp – Carp and butter

Banana Ice Cream – Banana, milk, slush ice and sugarcane

Banana Pie – Banana, butter and wheat

Banana Split – Banana, milk, sugarcane, slush ice and any sweet

Basil Omelet – Basil, cheese, egg and milk

Beignets – Canola, egg, sugarcane and wheat

Bell Pepper Puffs – Bell pepper, egg and cheese

Berry Salad – Blueberry, gooseberry and raspberry

Birthday Cake – Butter, cocoa bean, egg, sugarcane and wheat

Biscuits – Butter, sugarcane and wheat

Blueberry Pie – Blueberry, butter and wheat

Bouillabaisse – Shrimp, any two shellfish, tomato and any vegetable

Candy – Any sweet

Caramel Apples – Apple and sugarcane

Carp Salad – Carp, lettuce and lemon

Carrot Cake – Carrot, egg, sugarcane and wheat

Cheese Platter – Cheese

Cheesecake – Cheese, sugarcane, wheat and any fruit

Cheesy Crispy Baked Cod – Cod, cheese and wheat

Cherry Pie – Cherry, butter and wheat

Chilli Pepper Puffs – Chilli pepper, egg and cheese

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Cocoa bean, butter, sugarcane and wheat

Chocolate Ice Cream – Cocoa bean, butter, sugarcane and wheat

Chocolate Waffles – Cocoa bean, egg, milk and wheat

Chowder – Any shellfish, any vegetable, milk and potato

Coconut Cake – Coconut, egg, sugarcane and wheat

Coconut Ice Cream – Coconut, milk, slush ice and sugarcane

Crackers – Any grain

Creamy Garlic Scallops – Scallops, butter, garlic and lemon

Creamy Soup – Potato, any vegetable, milk and any spice

Crepe – Egg, milk, vanilla and wheat

Crispy Baked Cod – Cod and wheat

Crudités – any vegetable except a lettuce

Eggplant Puffs – Eggplant, egg and cheese

Fish ‘n’ Chips – The fish of your choice, canola, potato and wheat

Fish Creole – The fish of your choice, any vegetable, garlic and rice

Fish Pasta – The fish of your choice garlic, milk and wheat

Fish Pie – The fish of your choice, butter and wheat

Fish Risotto – The fish of your choice, butter and rice

Fish Salad – The fish of your choice, lemon and lettuce

Fish Sandwiches – The fish of your choice (but not cod), and wheat

Fish Soup – The fish of your choice, milk and any vegetable

Fish Steak – The fish of your choice, basil and tomato

Fish Tacos – The fish of your choice, cheese, chilli pepper and corn

French Fries – Canola and potato

Fruit Salad – The fruit of your choice

Fruit Sorbet – Slush ice and any fruit but lemon

Fugu Sushi – Fugu, rice and seaweed

Gazpacho – Cucumber, tomato, onion and the spice of your choice

Gray Stuff – Any dairy or eggs, cocoa and sugarcane

Greek Pizza – Cheese, onion, tomato, wheat and the spice of your choice

Green Salad – Any vegetable and lettuce

Grilled Fish Entree – The fish your choice and the vegetable of your choice

Grilled Fish – Just add the fish of your choice

Grilled Vegetables – Corn, eggplant, seaweed or corn

Grilled Veggie Platter – Three lots of the vegetable of your choice

Gumbo – Chilli pepper, okra, onion, shrimp and tomato

Hard Boiled Eggs – Just chuck in an egg

Hearty Salad – Lettuce and two lots of any vegetable

Hors d’Oeuvres – Just chuck in any spice

Ice Cream – Milk and slush ice and sugarcane

Jam Waffles – Any fruit, egg, milk and wheat

Kappa Maki – Cucumber, seaweed and rice

Kronk’s Spinach Puffs – Canola, cheese and spinach

Lancetfish Paella – Lancetfish, shrimp, any shellfish, rice and tomato

Large Seafood Platter – Four of any shellfish and lemon

Leek Soup – Leek

Lemon Garlic Swordfish – Swordfish, garlic and lemon

Lemon Sorbet – Slush ice and lemon

Lobster Roll – Lobster, butter, garlic, lemon and wheat

Magura Sushi – Tuna, ginger, rice and seaweed

Maki – The fish of your choice, seaweed and rice

Margherita Pizza – Cheese, tomato, any spice and wheat

Marinated Herring – Onion and herring

Mediterranean Salad – Cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion and any spice

Meringue Pie – Butter, egg, lemon and wheat

Mint Candy – Mint and sugarcane

Mint Chocolate – Butter, cocoa bean, mint and sugarcane

Mint Sorbet – Slush ice and mint

Mushroom Pizza – Mushroom, cheese, tomato and wheat

Mushu’s Congee – Egg, garlic, ginger, mushroom and rice

Okra Soup – Okra

Omelet – Egg, cheese and milk

Onion Puffs – Onion, egg and cheese

Oyster Platter – Oyster and lemon

Pan-fried Angler Fish – Anglerfish, potato, tomato and zucchini (AKA courgette)

Pan-Seared Bass & Vegetables – Bass and two of any vegetable

Pan-Seared Tilapia & Vegetables – Tilapia and two of any vegetable

Pasta – Wheat and tomato

Pastry Cream and Fruits – Three of any fruit, with milk and sugarcane

Pawpsicle – Slush ice, sugarcane and any fruit (that’s not an apple and or lemon)

Peanut Butter Sandwich – Peanut and wheat

Peanut Butter Waffles – Peanut, egg, milk and wheat

Pickled Herring – Herring, lemon, onion and any spice

Pizza – Tomato, cheese and wheat

Plain Snow Cones – just chuck in some Slush Ice

Poached Basil-Butter Sturgeon – White sturgeon, basil, butter and lemon

Porridge with Fruits – Any fruit, milk and wheat

Porridge – Milk and wheat

Potato Leek Soup – Potato, leek, milk, mushroom and onion

Potato Puffs – Potato, egg and cheese

Pottage – Potato, any spice and any vegetable

Pumpkin Puffs – Pumpkin, egg and cheese

Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin, ginger, milk and any vegetable

Puree – Potato

Ranch Salad – Bell pepper, corn, lettuce, onion and tomato

Ratatouille – Eggplant, onion, tomato, zucchini (AKA courgette) and any spice

Red Fruit Pie – Raspberry, butter and wheat

Red Fruit Sorbet – Gooseberry, raspberry, slush ice and sugarcane

Roasted Asparagus – Asparagus and canola

Sake Maki – Rice, salmon and seaweed

Sake Sushi – Salmon and rice

Salad – Lettuce

Sauteed Mushrooms – Mushroom and butter

Savory Fish – Any fish and lemon

Scrambled Egg – Just an Egg

Seafood Appetizer – Any shellfish

Seafood Pasta – Any shellfish, milk and wheat

Seafood Pie – Any shellfish, butter and wheat

Seafood Platter – Two of any shellfish

Seafood Salad – Any shellfish and lettuce

Seafood Soup – Any shellfish and two of any vegetable

Seared Rainbow Trout – Rainbow trout, tomato and onion

Shake – Butter or milk

Simple Fried Perch – Perch, butter and wheat

Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish – Anglerfish and peanuts

Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie – Gooseberry, butter and wheat

Sole Meuniere – Sole, butter, lemon and wheat

Souffle – Cheese, egg and milk butter

Sour Snow Cones – Lemon, slush ice and sugarcane

Spaghetti Arrabbiata – Chili pepper, tomato and wheat

Spicy Baked Bream – Bream, butter and chili pepper

Steamed Fugu – Fugu, garlic and ginger

Sushi – Any fish (but not salmon) and rice

Sweet & Sour Kingfish Steak – Kingfish, lemon and sugarcane

Sweet Slush – Slush ice and any sweet (except sugarcane)

Tamagoyaki – Egg and sugarcane

Tasty Salad – Cucumber, lettuce, any vegetable and any spice

Tasty Veggies – Any vegetable and any spice

Tekka Maki – Tuna, rice, seaweed and soya

Teriyaki Salmon – Salmon, ginger, rice, soya and sugarcane

Tomato Soup – Tomato

Tropical Pop – Coconut, any fruit, slush ice and sugarcane

Tuna Burger – Tuna, any vegetable, lemon, onion and wheat

Vanilla Ice Cream – Milk, slush ice, sugarcane and vanilla

Vegetable Soup – Two of any vegetable

Vegetarian Pizza – Two of any vegetable, cheese, tomato and wheat

Vegetarian Stew – Carrot, onion and potato

Vegetarian Taco – Any vegetable, cheese, chilli pepper and corn

Veggie Casserole – Two of any vegetable, cheese and any spice

Veggie Pasta – Any vegetable, tomato and wheat

Veggie Pie – Any vegetable, butter and wheat

Veggie Skewers – Bell pepper, mushroom, onion and courgette

Waffles – Egg, milk, wheat and any sweet

Walleye en Papillote – Walleye, any vegetable, basil and oregano

Wedding Cake – Butter, egg, sugarcane, vanilla and wheat

Wonderland Cookies – Butter, sugarcane, vanilla and wheat

Zucchini Puffs – Zucchini (AKA courgette), egg and cheese

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