How to Get Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This article will guide how to gather Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which is released on 6th Sep 2022. The more of the quest line you complete, the harder the missions will become. And one of the newest tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a minor chapter devoted to collecting falling water. In the quest “The Final Trail”, you will be supposed to find 1 Ice Heart, 25 Mushrooms, and 1 Falling Water.

To find this item, you need to head to the waterfall, which is located on the south part of the map. The bright stars are located near the beginning of the waterwall. To get close to it and press E. After that, you will automatically collect Falling Water.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley a good video game?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation adventure game where you can live magically alongside iconic Disney and Pixar characters. The game is released on 6 September 2022, so it is fairly a new game without any history.

Can I play Disney Dreamlight Valley with my friends?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a single player only at launch. However, Gameloft – the game’s developer – will be working on a multiplayer mode for future release.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley available on multiple platforms?

It is an early play game. Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on a wide array of platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC.

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