Look for Kristoff’s Climbing Gear | Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about doing your favorite Disney characters some favors. In this guide though, we will be talking about going after a lost and missing climbing gear that belonged to Kristoff. 

How To Find Kristoff’s Climbing Gear

In the quest “Lost Loves and Missing Memories,” your task is to help Anna in bringing back Kristoff’s memories of her. To do this, your first task is to locate and obtain Kristoff’s Climbing Gear.

Kristoff’s Climbing Gear can be found in Dazzle Beach. It is the area that you are able to unlock by doing a couple of quests at the very early stages of the game. Go to the cave where you first met Ursula and the item is located outside the cave.

To find it you will actually need to move all the way to the top right corner of the map. Just keep following the shoreline and beach on the east side.

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