Shrine of Mayachinin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: A Walkthrough

The Central Hyrule Region’s Mayachin Shrine (A Fixed Device) is one of the most challenging shrines to complete in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This website includes a walkthrough of the challenging task at the TotK Mayachin shrine as well as instructions on how to find and access the shrine.

Mayachin  Location

The Mayachin Shrine is located in the Exchange Ruins, south and west of Lookout Landing, and is visible from the surface approximately north of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

Walkthrough and Puzzle Solutions for Mayachin Shrine

Making a baseball bat and hitting two enormous orange targets—one on the left to open the exit and one on the right to open the way to the treasure—is the objective of this dungeon.

Carefully hop across the rotating platform to the ground pressure switch. A huge ball is rolling past a pivot that may be turned and rotated by switching the column to the left. Use a weapon to turn on the switch.

You must construct your bat: The thing protruding out of the earth has a huge octagonal side. Take a spike out of the ground and press it into it. Then, fasten one of the spherical poles to the other end of it. You can now construct your bat in a variety of ways, but the two alternatives mentioned above are the ones we utilised to hit the target’s centre.

When you strike the ball, pay attention to the coloured stripes that it rolls over. Depending on the type of bat you constructed, go back to the orange switch and time your strike such that it hits the ground just as the ball is rolling towards the next-to-last strip (below). It might take a few tries—you have to reset the bat each time by pressing the switch again—but even striking the orange target’s tip partially unlocks the door. This also identifies a different target.

Where is the treasure chest?

Across from the exit, the treasure chest is enclosed in a locked cage. A secondary target on the right will rotate once you activate the first target on the left, allowing you to hit it and open the treasure box door.

You must first take care of that annoying dangling board. Put the spike into the ceiling above the hanging board by using it nearby. When the board is flat against the ceiling, Ultrahand it, rotate it and fasten it to the spike that is suspended from the ceiling (see above). Reverse your build or simply swing later to strike the target, depending on how your “bat” was constructed to hit the first target.

Build a long stick with the ball attached to the end, touch the targets with it, then bring it back to a safe landing location and use recall so it will strike the targets if you are still having difficulties hitting the targets.

Inside the cage, you will find an ‘’’ Energizing Elixir” in the treasure chest.

Exit the shrine across from it.

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