Shrine of Riogok in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: A Walkthrough

The Hyrule Field section of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom contains the Riogok Shrine.

Let’s take you to the Riogok Shrine and work out its challenging “Force Transfer” challenge. This tutorial will show you how to gather treasure chests as well as how to complete the shrine to acquire the Light of Blessing.

Location of the Riogok Shrine

The coordinates for the Riogok Shrine and its “Force Transfer” puzzle are (-1443, -1616, 0089) in Hyrule Field.

Walkthrough of Riogok Shrine

Utilising objects from your surroundings in inventive ways is the key to solving the Force Transfer challenge inside the Riogok Shrine. In this instance, the topic is logged. You may use them to start and stop machines, reach objects that are high up ledges, or Ultrahand them together to expand those options. Let’s get going.

Straightaway enter the Riogok Shrine’s first chamber. You’ll see a gate barring the entrance to the following. It can be opened with a cog, but there is a gap that prevents it from doing so. Use Ultrahand to pick up the log to your right and affix it to the smaller cogs, making sure it fits lengthwise between the two and in the gaps.

When you strike the small upright statue on the right side, close to the big cog, the gate will swing open. Advance into the following room. On the right side of the room, there is a gate that is opened by a machine without a lever. Pick up the freshly fallen log and fasten it to the lever within the room.

To open the gate, move the log to the other side of the apparatus using Ultrahand. Another log is within.

The chest from the Riogok Shrine is on the ledge your lever is facing right now. Take the log that serves as your lever and mix it with the log from the newly opened chamber. In essence, you should have a single, extremely long log.

Move the enormous log up to the chest using Ultrahand, then fasten it to the chest as shown:

The chest should fall because of the log’s weight. Try moving the log if it doesn’t. Open the chest once it has fallen. You will receive a powerful Construct bow.

Separate the logs now and transport one over to the platform on the room’s left side to exit. Put it on the edge that is closest to the large cog. When the extended edge of the cog strikes the log in this manner, the platform will be raised.

To get aboard the now-moving platform, you’ll also need to use that expanded cog edge, as seen in the following example:

From that level, you can see a short log positioned vertically beneath the smaller platform above it. You should move the log so it won’t touch the smaller platform anymore.

When the larger platform you’re standing on meets the smaller one, which is now accessible due to the shifted log, step onto it or leap onto it.

Reposition the vertical log to its original location once you are on the smaller platform. It’s time to raise the little platform to the departure chamber.

To leave the shrine and get the Light of Blessing, examine the sigil.

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