The Mysterious Wreck Quest | Disney Dreamlight Valley

This walkthrough will guide you to complete the quest name “The Mysterious Wreck” in the game Disney Dreamlight Valley. In The Mysterious Wreck, Goofy will assist you in bringing Ariel back to the valley and repairing a damaged boat on Dazzle Beach.

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How to unlock The Mysterious Wreck Quest

Once you unlock Dazzle Beach and explore the island with the shadow-covered pillar to find a wrecked raft on the far side of that island. You’ll find a paddle in the sand nearby. Pick up the paddle to trigger the quest.

The Mysterious Wreck Walkthrough

Take the paddle and then go talk to Goofy. Goofy will agree to help fix the raft with you by asking for the following supplies:

  • 30 x Hardwood
  • 7 x Rope
  • 25 x Clay
  • 10 x Iron Ingot


Hardwood can be searched all over the Valley like in Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust, and Forest of Valor

Iron Ingot

Go to the crafting station to create an iron ingot using 5 pieces of iron ore and 1 piece of coal after mining iron ore from the black rocks.


Available in Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, Forgotten Lands


You can make Rope from Fiber (8 Fiber for a Rope). Use Crafting Station to make Fiber from Seaweed. Fish into the lake to get Seaweed and it doesn’t need to have a circle to get Seaweed.

Once you have enough of each material, return to Goofy and he’ll ask you to create a Raft Repair Kit at a Crafting Station.

Next, head to the Dazzle Beach area and interact with the raft and use the Repair Kit on it to fix it, then speak to Goofy to complete the quest

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